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I posted this three times tonight and had three people tell me that I helped save their life. Thank you to those people who have decided to struggle through to let us enjoy the gift of one more day of their prescence gracing us all. I hope that you all reblog this, to save another few. Because we all dserve another chance and hope in life. I went to the hospital 6 times before I decided to keep my life but I hope none of you suffer that much. And I hope you all can make that scary, seemingly painful, blind, hoping, wonderful step to live.

I want to help you in any way I can. ANYTHING. I mean it. If I had had someone stay with me and text me or talk to me all night, just one time, it would have changed my life. I know how hard those nights can be.




^I love this girl more than words can express.  

foundmywaywheniwaslost: I am always here if anyone ever needs to talk/vent. You have a purpose, Please Stay Alive. <3

Not just for tonight but for the rest of your life. You have so much to look forward to in the future that if you choose to kill yourself, it will be the biggest mistake of your life. You’re going to miss out on people you’ll never be able to meet, kids you’ll never have, a partner to love or partys to go to. There’s just too much that you’ll miss out on. You deserve and have the right to be here as much as the person next to you does. You’re just a drop in the ocean. You were meant to be here and you have a purpose. Don’t ever forget that. And if you feel like you don’t, just believe in yourself because you do. If you ever feel worthless or like shit, know that I love you and those dicks that tell you shit are jealous that you’re who you are because there’s something about you that they wish they could have. Please stay strong and never give up because things DO GET BETTER.

3rd time I reblog this xx

Keep your self awake, I hope your here to stay. This day is not yet over, let me be your four leaf clover.

Reblogged it and queued it so it’ll post tomorrow too. And the next day and the next so I hope I can save someone. We all love you.

someone messaged me this morning saying it helped and thanked me, so im reblogging this again, and queuing it. stay strong guys. 

I reblog this whenever I see it. If you don’t reblog it, unfollow me right now. If you don’t care enough to put this simple picture on your blog, I’m judging you.

The very first time that I reblogged this, I had someone message me the next day saying that because of me, they didn’t kill themself. From then on whenever I see anything like this on Tumblr it’s an instant reblog for me. After receiving that message it just changed something in me. Whenever anyone I see on my dash is having thoughts of self-harm or even suicide, I automatically go to their page and offer them even just an ear to listen. Nearly all of them I receive messages back from saying that they are grateful, and they end up sharing their story with me, and in return I give them advice as best I can. Several of them have said that their lives have gotten much better because they opened up and sought out help.

Out of those people, I’d say at least 5  have even gone so far as to say that they didn’t kill themself because of me. That is, I kid you not, the best feeling in the world.

I needed this reminder. 


Today I got to spend the afternoon with the most amazing family. Jeremy and Jessica Collier are parents to nine, they’ve adopted seven beautiful children through China’s special needs program— Grace, Eli, Adaline, Preston, Landon, Penelope, and Spencer. And these lucky little ones have two amazing big brothers, Nathan and Noah. The Colliers are currently in the process of raising funds to bring home two more children, Esther and Vivienne. My Aunt had previously told me about this wonderful family in her neighborhood, but actually being able to play with the children and talk to their mama was incredible. Just being around them for a few hours was such a blessing. I know it’s easy to overlook posts asking for donations, but this family is real, and is really doing amazing things, and would really appreciate your generosity. Even by donating just $5 or $10, you will literally be changing lives. A little goes a long way. I know I reach a lot of people here on social media, can you imagine if everyone who saw this post donated just $5? Jeremy and Jessica are the most calm and patient parents I’ve ever met, they are so humble, and their kids are so blessed to have such special, loving parents. Please be apart of bringing home Esther and Vivienne to their beautiful family. Thank you so much for anything you contribute, donations as well as prayers, it means so, so much. Donate Here and PLEASE reblog.









So proud of my mother for doing her own research after I sent her that meme. A sign she hung in her car window.

Stay woke

Is this true?

Not only is it true, it gets worse. The Susan G Komen For The Cure Foundation has actually successfully sued “competing” charities, because (paraphrasing) their “message or branding was infringing.”

You read that correctly: they took money that people had donated to cure cancer, and hired attorneys with it, to sue ANOTHER group of people trying to find a cure for cancer, who, in turn, had to us their donated money to hire their own legal counsel to defend themselves.

Yeah signal boost because not enough people know about this and seriously FUCK SUSAN G. KOMEN THEY ARE THE ACTUAL WORST

Some links…

(reblogged in honor of my mother, who died of breast cancer, 11/13/97)


hey guys! so here it is, my first ever giveaway! now the reason i’m doing this is because i recently moved to a big city, with that said while cleaning through my old house i found a lot of stuff that i know for a fact that i will never use/wear again, also i’ve been getting a lot of followers these past weeks and i feel they really deserve for putting up with my dumb blog this. tumblr has nothing to do with this giveaway whatsoever.

so let’s get straight to the guidelines here folks.

• yes you have to follow me, this is for my followers, it’s totally cool with me if you want to follow me just for this giveaway and then unfollow when it ends, no hard feelings it’s fine.

• also yes likes will not count, because i’m a weenie i would like this reblogged instead so more people are able to have a chance (there are no limit to reblogs BUT if i find out you’re a giveaway blog or if you’re trying to do some funny business (yes i’m looking at you inactive sideblogs) you will be disqualified and i will know  (i will check archives ya misfits)

• winner will be chosen using and be sent two ask messages (i know how the inbox can sometimes eat up messages so it’s just a double check thing) so please have your asks opened!! also if the winner does not respond within 48 hours i will choose another person.

• if you are younger than 18 years please have parental consent as well as trusting me with your address.
images were edited so the items are a bit darker in person. the beanie is a “one size” and a couple of the 6 displayed pokemon cards (some of them have a card on the back too) are a shining celebi, ho-oh (ex), rayquaza (ex), as well as a darkrai (lv. x)
giveaway will end on the 8th of october at 11PM EST. i will only ship in north america and shipping will be paid by yours truly (of course). please don’t delete anything above, thank you and good luck!!




This is killing a human life.

At 23 weeks chances are good that this fetus is being removed because it is:

a) Already dead
b) Suffering abnormalities such as it developed no brain, or had a serious genetic condition that would kill it quickly.
c) Was actively dying (not dead yet but would be within a few days, 100% guarunteed, 0 chance of saving it)
d) Was actively killing the pregnant person.

Late term abortions, as shown here, make up only 1.5% of all abortions. The above four reasons are the only reasons such procedures are performed. Almost every abortion performed after 20 weeks is done on a wanted pregnancy. So you know what that means? You’re calling people who miscarried murderers. You just implied people who had a miscarriage or would have died murderers. How dare you call yourself pro life for that.

Now for the fun fact: They used to use a different procedure for these abortions in which they removed the fetus intact and allowed these people to grieve for the intact fetus, have pictures, etc. Pro lifers decided people losing a wanted pregnancy should not be allowed to grieve an intact fetus and we were left with this.

Congrats. Your movement is the reason they use this one now when people lose a wanted pregnancy late into the pregnancy. Your movement is intentionally making it harder for people to recover from the lose of a much wanted pregnancy. It’s your movement who left grieving people with this instead of allowing them something easier to deal with, something that would let them hold their deceased fetus.

Congrats. If you think you were ‘saving’ something think again. You’re hurting born people. You’re hurting people who lose a wanted pregnancy by shaming this abortion procedure. And you’re movement is the reason this is procedure doctors are forced to use now. You’re probably an awful and mean person to tell people losing a wanted pregnancy that they’re killers.

^fucking thank you


I cannot even put into words how many emotions this story makes me feel. It’s so sad and sweet and cute and just plain heartbreaking. It shows us how much of a monster Gothel really was, but it also shows just how strong Eugene and Rapunzel’s bond is. This is how you OTP.

Im so glad no one was home when I read this because I was just sobbing and giggling like an idiot.






Anonymous said:

Hey dude I love your dramatic readings. Anyway, can you read the name of every state in America in the most seductive way possible? In alphabetical order please.

what the fuck


Well, OKAY.

Saying the Names of All 50 States in Alphabetical OrderSeductively


I can’t even get through this entire thing without dying.

I wonder if this guy ever worries of someone walking in on him seductively reading the States to a microphone. 

I fucking dare someone to listen to this entire thing and not laugh once because I’m snorting like a fucking pig at this

Oh my god
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